Unveiling the Truth Behind Pet Nutrition

When it comes to our furry companions, their health and nutrition are paramount. With a multitude of dog food options flooding the market, understanding what goes into these meals is crucial for making informed choices. Let’s delve into a comparative analysis between a typical “Premium Dog Food” found in local grocery stores and Pet Wants’ Chicken and Brown Rice formula, uncovering the real differences in ingredients, cooking methods, manufacturing processes, storage conditions, and overall nutritional value.

Ingredient Panel Face-off

Grocery Store brand “Premium” Formula 


Pet Wants’ Chicken and Brown Rice Formula

 Understanding Ingredient Order

The majority of a pet food formula consists of the first five ingredients listed on the panel, presented in order of pre-cooked weight. This means that these ingredients hold the most substantial proportions before the cooking process begins. For example, in Pet Wants’ formula, chicken meal, brown rice, millet, oat groats, and chicken fat contribute the most significant portions to the recipe before any cooking occurs.

The Superiority of Pet Wants’ Ingredients

Pet Wants proprietary food formulas, engineered and crafted by veterinary nutritionists at Kansas State University, takes the crown in ingredient quality by steering clear of inferior fillers like corn, wheat, and soy. The absence of by-products or by-product meals in our formulas further emphasizes our commitment to all premium and wholesome ingredients. Instead, we focus on nourishing elements such as chicken meal, brown rice, and other natural components that offer significantly higher nutritional value for our furry friends.

Why is this important?

Dogs thrive on high-quality, easily digestible proteins and carbohydrates. Ingredients like meat and bone meal or ground yellow corn lack the nutritional density required for optimal health. By opting for ingredients like chicken meal and brown rice, Pet Wants ensures a balanced diet, promoting better digestion, energy levels, and overall well-being for our pets.

Manufacturing and Storage Differences

Most store-bought pet food brands typically manufacture twice per year. However, Pet Wants takes a proactive approach, manufacturing their food every 6 weeks. This frequent production cycle ensures fresher food for your pet.

Moreover, Pet Wants maintains our food in climate-controlled storage facilities, ensuring optimal conditions to preserve nutritional integrity. In contrast, store-bought brands often sit in storage containers and warehouses for months on end, enduring extreme temperatures that can decimate the nutritional value of the food over time before it even gets to store shelves, let alone your pet’s bowl.

Why does this matter?

Regular manufacturing and climate-controlled storage ensure that Pet Wants’ food retains its nutritional density. The prolonged storage of store-bought brands in variable temperatures can lead to nutrient degradation, impacting the quality and effectiveness of the food for our pets.


When it comes to our pets’ food, not all formulas are created equal! Pet Wants’ commitment to natural, premium ingredients, coupled with frequent manufacturing cycles cooked at low temperatures and optimal storage conditions, sets a new standard for dog nutrition.  All of our formulas emerge as a superior choice for pet owners seeking optimal health and well-being for their beloved companions. Choose wisely; your pet’s health is worth it!