Free Pet Food for a Year Contest Rules

**Official Contest Rules for the “Free Pet Food for a Year” Giveaway**

  1. **Eligibility**: This contest is open to individuals who are 21 years of age or older and reside within the delivery territory of Pet Wants Corpus Christi. The contest begins on November 1, 2023, and ends on May 1, 2024.
  1. **Prize**: The prize includes 12 monthly vouchers, each redeemable for up to 20 pounds of pet food at the retail price of $3.59 per pound, or a maximum of $71.80 worth of pet food, whichever is less. The vouchers are valid for in-store or online transactions. The winner can choose from any available formulas at the posted retail rate but is limited to 20 pounds or $71.80, as applicable.
  1. **Voucher Validity**: Vouchers are valid for a 12 consecutive month period beginning on the first day of the month following the month the winner is announced. They may not be accumulated or carried over if unused. One voucher may be redeemed per month during this 12-month period.
  1. **Registration**: To enter the contest, participants must register online. By entering, participants agree to receive text and email marketing messages from Pet Wants Corpus Christi. Participants also acknowledge that their data may be used in accordance with our privacy policy.
  1. **Non-Transferable**: The prize is non-transferable and can only be awarded to the original contest entrant.
  1. **Marketing and Promotions**: The winner agrees to participate in promotional photos and advertisements for Pet Wants Corpus Christi and its affiliates.
  1. **Disqualification**: Pet Wants Corpus Christi reserves the right to withdraw the prize if it is determined that the winner has acted in bad faith or in any manner that may place Pet Wants, its employees, vendors, brand, or image in disrepute, or if the winner performs any actions that reflect poorly on Pet Wants or any entities or partners affiliated with the business or brand.
  1. **Privacy and Consent**: By entering the contest, participants agree to the use of their data for contest-related communications, in accordance with our privacy policy.
  1. **Legal Compliance**: This contest is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Participants are responsible for compliance with any tax obligations related to the prize, including sales taxes per voucher. The contest is void where prohibited.
  1. **Alternative Entry Method**: Participants may enter without making a purchase by following the alternative entry method outlined in the official rules.
  1. **Terms and Conditions**: Participants acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions outlined in these official rules.
  1. **Dispute Resolution**: Any disputes or concerns related to the contest should be directed to the provided contact point in the official rules.
  1. **Indemnity and Liability**: Participants agree that they will not hold Pet Wants Corpus Christi liable for any accidents, injuries, or losses related to the contest.
  1. **Records and Documentation**: Detailed records of the contest will be maintained, including entry forms, winner selections, and communication with participants.
  1. **Publicity**: Pet Wants Corpus Christi reserves the right to promote the contest and announce the winner through its marketing channels.
  2. **Contingency Plans**: The sponsor (Pet Wants Corpus Christi) will establish contingency plans in the event of unforeseen issues or disputes during the  contest.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact Pet Wants Corpus Christi.

Good luck to all participants in the “Free Dog Food for a Year” Giveaway!