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A Guide To Making Your Dog Feel Safe During Thunderstorms

Canine Noise Aversion In just over a month, summer will fade to fall, and we will begin to notice many things: leaves changing colors, cooler temperatures, and in many parts of the country, severe weather and thunderstorms. When it comes to pets, storms, often, are the cause of much fear and anxiety. Dogs, in particular, are usually terrified of thunderstorms. According to National Geographic, the reasons for this are varied. One reason is that dogs can sense the drop in barometric pressure that occurs during storms. Couple this with a dog’s acute sense of hearing, darkening skies, thunder, wind (and [...]

How to Calm Your Dog During Fireworks – 3 Relaxation Tips

Independence day is a wonderful time for family, fireworks, and fun … for humans. When it comes to pets, fireworks and crowds can be the cause of much fear and anxiety. Dogs, in particular, tend to be very afraid of fireworks. There are many reasons for this, but a couple stand out above the rest. One is that a dog’s hearing is much more acute than that of humans, meaning the sounds will be much more intense. Dogs also have a harder time with nuance, and they understand that loud noises are frequently associated with threats (growling, barking, thunder [...]

3 Simple Tips on How to Keep Your Dog Hydrated & Happy

Pet Hydration Awareness July is Pet Hydration Awareness Month, and with the ever-rising summer temperatures, it’s the perfect time for you to study up on how to keep your pet hydrated. Many of the things we’ll talk about today apply to both cats and dogs, but because dogs tend to be out in the heat with their owners more, our focus will remain primarily on our canine friends. The ASPCA recommends that dogs drink at least one ounce of water for each pound of body weight per day, so a 32 lb. dog would require at least 32 ounces of [...]

Dangers of Summer Heat

Pet Heat Safety Summer is here, and with it, comes the high temperatures that can be dangerous for your dog. While we love treating our pup to a day at the park, a hike, or other outdoor activities, it is essential to keep them safe and watch for signs of heat exhaustion. Here are some quick tips to help keep your pet cool during the summer: Throw some shade If you are outside, try to find a shady area that will give your dog a break from the sun. If shade isn't available, bring some with [...]

Is Your Dog Always Scratching & Biting? Here Are 4 Possible Reasons

Getting to the Root of Itchy Skin It's normal for dogs of all ages to periodically scratch and bite themselves but if you notice that your dog is itching its skin excessively, it definitely is an issue that deserves a closer look. There are many reasons why your dog could be scratching and biting itself, and we will explore some of the most common ones below. Pet Allergies & Insensitivities The scientific term for allergic reactions to inhaled or contact allergens is atopy. In this case, like humans, a dog encounters an external substance and develops a [...]

The Secret to a Stress-Free Road Trip with your Dog

Road trips can turn a regular vacation into an exciting adventure. Taking your pets along is a great way to give them a fun, new experience. While your pets’ naturally fun-loving personalities will make every moment special, it is also important to plan carefully for their safety and comfort. As you prepare for your upcoming trip, keep these ideas in mind for ensuring that your pets have everything they need when you hit the open road: 1. Schedule a Pre-Trip Checkup Although your pet’s vaccinations may be up-to-date, your veterinarian may recommend additional ones.. Let your vet [...]


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