Dogs & Cats Non-Invasive At Home Intolerance Test, All It Takes Is A Hair Sample.

Does your furry friend suffer from itchy skin or digestive disturbances such as vomiting or flatulence, but you don’t know why? A simple, non-invasive test using your pet’s hair will help pinpoint possible food and non-food intolerances.

  • Non-invasive test, using a sample of your pet’s hair along with bioresonance technology
  • No needles; No paw pricks; No vet visits; No waiting rooms, No co-pays; No additional costs
  • Bioresonance applies the established principles of quantum physics and measures the electromagnetic signals coming from your pet’s body which are captured through their hair sample. Your pet’s individual body frequencies are compared to an extensive database of stored frequencies of items they may eat or be exposed to. These outside frequencies and temporary imbalances can sometimes interrupt the body’s communication system and result in one or many symptoms of an intolerance.
  • Suitable for dogs & cats
  • Measuring over 1000+ intolerances, imbalances, and sensitivities
  • Results posted to your account within two business days after sample received at the Orlando-based lab

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