Creativity, Unleashed

Pet Wants Corporate is embarking on a new adventure. Welcome to the first-ever, Pet Wants Corporate Store.

As the landscapes of nutrition, sustainability, animal-care, and pet services are ever-evolving, so are we. In fact, we’re ahead of the pack.

Pet Wants has redefined the meaning of “fresh” in the pet food industry. To us, fresh means from our kitchen to your pet’s bowl in 30 days. That’s right, 30 days. We’ve raised the bar and set a new standard in animal-wellness and nutrition for almost 20 years. Our proprietary pet food is sourced using only all-natural and fresh ingredients, including our salmon, chicken, lamb, and brown rice. There are no added sugars, no fillers, and no animal by-products, and we never use corn, wheat, soy, or dyes.

Who Says An Old Dog Can’t Learn New Tricks

We’re not stopping there! Just as we have achieved in pet nutrition, we endeavor to continue providing a higher quality of life for your pet in pet services. Now, at the Pet Wants Corporate Store, located in Blue Ash, Ohio, we begin our pet services line-up by offering a full grooming and pet spa experience.  Each visit is customized to your pet’s specific needs and includes the same elevated standards and consultative approach you’ve come to know and love in Pet Wants’ foods.

Your pet’s journey to being groomed for a healthy life begins here!

Our Inspiration

Very simply, you and your pets inspire us to innovate.

Pet Wants was founded on the belief that mainstream, big-box store pet food wasn’t synonymous with nutrition or quality. So, we created a better option. Second to your veterinarian, our goal is to be your trusted resource in pet care.  From food and treats to skin relief, we earn that trust through transparency of ingredients and sourcing, a knowledgeable and caring staff, and a sincere passion to be the best and provide the best for you and your pet.

We are proud of what we do, and what our food and services do for your pet’s quality of life. If you have a story of how Pet Wants has helped your pet, or an idea you’d like to share, click here! We’d love to be inspired!

History of Pet Wants

Our founder, Michele Hobbs, started Pet Wants out of love and frustration. One of her beloved dogs suffered from painful skin allergies and, no matter what food they tried, her pet continued to suffer. Michele realized very quickly that national dog food brands were not fresh, they lacked complete nutrition and, most importantly, they were filled with dozens of non-nutritious ingredients and animal byproducts.

Michele decided to change that. She found a manufacturer and worked with them to formulate a custom pet food in small batches to be made fresh every month. Her animals loved the food — and so did the pets of all of her friends. Almost overnight, Pet Wants was born.

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